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Asia´s prominence in global trade is today undoubtable and undoubtably emphatic.

Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor looking to import or distribute globally the products you are having manufactured at lower cost Asian suppliers OR  you are an entrepreneur seeking to offer your products in the rapidly evolving Asian marketplace that is benefitting from lower barriers to entry and a higher disposable income,  you would surely concur with us that Asia´s role in the dynamics of global trade is a significant and serious one.

At D&D, we are excited about Asia´s role in our fast changing global economic landscape!  That´s why we´re proudly promoting our distribution hub strategically located at the southern port of Yantian, China.

Here´s why it´s so great: not only does the hub enable you to stock Asian made inventory duty free and in bond for distribution purposes worldwide, but it also allows you to stock the products you manufacture outside the Asian region (again, duty free and in bond) for purposes of selling to the Asian market.

Need your products to be reworked, relabeled, bundled, shrink wrapped, palletized, or repackaged? No Sweat - we´ve got it covered!

Not to mention we´ve got an all utility warehouse management system equipped with RF scanning and high utilization racking so that your products are stocked securely, accurately and efficiently while giving you 24/7 visibility of your inventory at the SKU level thru our D&D Intel software system.

Why Yantian? - practicality and proximity - China still takes up the lions share of manufacturing projects thereby accounting for a large chunk of most companies´ supplier base, while Yantian´s proximity to Vietnam, Taiwan, The Philippines and Indonesia make it convenient to feeder over any goods being manufactured there to your central hub. Moreover, Yantian´s relatively central location in the Asian continent makes it economical to ship your products to most countries you plan on selling in. And we forget to mention that Yantian happens to be the world´s 4th busiest port, rapidly eating into Hong Kong´s share. 

Please write to us to arrange a tour of our facilities, or click here for a more in depth look at the benefits of having a multi purpose Distribution Center in Asia.

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