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Our fully integrated order processing and fulfillment system allows us to act as your virtual office, so that you don´t need one!

To compliment our consolidation facilities, distribution hubs, transportation, purchase order management, container tracking and visibility and supply chain management services, we´re also providing an integrated order processing system that allows your clients to place orders for inventory you´re currently stocking or expecting to arrive at our distribution site. Leaving the sales coordination to us allows you to focus on selling, while still being in total control of your sales and distribution logistics!

Ideal for online sellers or businesses that need a presence in foreign regions, the fulfillment system serves as a web based B2B or B2C communication tool that´s easy and convenient to use while still granting you the ability to establish the checks and balances you need that ensure robustness and security to your operations. Whats more, the system is also set up to provide you with reports related to your sales orders and invoices on the back-end, while simultaneously allowing your clients to order what´s in stock or soon available for dispatch on the front end, thereby allowing for the seamless integration of your supply chain right from procurement thru delivery!

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